Senior Product Manager, Segment Marketing- Oncology

Value, Access, and Payment – Strategic Payer Marketing
Senior Product Manager (SPM), Segment Marketing, Oncology

The Senior Product Manager, Segment Marketing, Oncology will incorporate business acumen, a strong knowledge of the US Market Access Customer Base, and will leverage market access research/ VAP field team insights to identify where branded and non-branded programs and resources can be developed and executed in support of strengthening partnerships and collaboration with critical customers (Payers, Pathway Organizations, Organized Customers (Integrated Delivery Networks, Hospital Systems, Medical Groups) etc.).

In close coordination with, and in support of, therapeutically aligned brand team(s), the Senior Product Manager, Segment Marketing, Oncology will develop branded and non-branded messaging, tools, and resources that deliver value for access customers while enhancing customer engagement and portfolio access opportunities for field-based customer team members.

The responsibilities of the Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be closely aligned with the goals of VAP Segment Marketing:

  • Utilize Insights to Enhance VAP Field Team Impact with Customers:
    • The Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be expected to lead Field Insights Teams and conduct/attend an appropriate, relative to project and home office obligations, number of field visits and/or conferences to stay current with VAP field team needs and customer trends
  • Build Expertise in Prioritized Access Channels/Segments & Shape the Market
    • The Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be expected to collaborate with home office, field, and/or market research colleagues/external vendors to build expertise in specific access channels, segments, or around specific access stakeholders or access dynamics
  • Create Customized Tools Aligned with Prioritized Segments & Stakeholders
    • The Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be expected to lead and/or support the development, training, and field follow-up around business planning and/or customer-facing tools which better support the effectiveness of VAP field teams with their access customers. The primary, but not only, VAP field team the Segment Marketing team supports is the VAP Regional Account Executive team. These tools may be brand-specific, disease-specific, and/or disease agnostic.
  • Elevate the Sophistication and Impact of VAP Field Teams
    • The Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be expected to collaborate closely with VAP Regional Account Executive team members to be responsive to customer needs, opportunities, and business questions while also triaging field team needs, as appropriate, to the correct home office audience. The Senior Product Manager, Oncology may also be required to support clarification and simplification of direction with VAP field teams in order to enhance the effectiveness of their operating model.

The Senior Product Manager, Oncology will be expected to adhere to Core Behaviors and also commit to

  • Regular and close collaboration with VAP Strategic Payer Marketing teams (Payer, Quality, Value Marketing) and the VAP and Organizational Matrix, as may be appropriate
  • Staying current on BU and brand strategy and tactical planning
  • Integrating perspectives from relevant parties as channel/segment insights or tools are in development




  • BA/BS degree
  • Minimum 5-7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical/life sciences industry or closely related field; field sales/account management, brand marketing, and/or market access strategy experience are desirable
  • Possess significant therapeutic-specific experience
  • Possesses therapeutic area customer experience with a thorough understanding of their economic drivers and barriers
  • Deep knowledge of all payer segments
  • Foundational knowledge of current regulatory, market, and customer trends that drive purchasing, reimbursement, and formulary management both in the payer and ecosystem landscapes
  • Experience developing, testing and executing customer tactics and market research
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required
  • Must demonstrate strong analytical skills and the ability to think strategically about the impact of various marketing approaches which could be employed in a complex ecosystem/marketplace
  • Must have a strong ability to prioritize and work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MBA or other advanced degree is preferred

qualified candidates should email resume to