Head of Translational Development

The candidate will be responsible for both therapeutic areas: Oncology & Immunology. As the functional head of Translational Development , they will be at the interface with the Discovery and Development teams, with the aim of providing the successful implementation of stratification strategies, clinical biomarker and pharmacodynamic assays in the early clinical development phases.

Technical Skills:

   • Collaborations that impact all of research, or even across multiple functions.
   • Scientific and technical expert.
   • Proven track record of success in drug discovery and development.


   • Cell panel screening: define resistance mechanisms, sensitivity elements, PD markers and potential biomarkers of response
   • Genomics analysis from human clinical samples, cell screen samples and clinical trial support (defined clinical experiments from the development teams). This includes development of a high dimensional bioinformatics.
   • Clinical PD or Biomarker assays, translated from discovery (if applicable or appropriate) or developed specifically for early clinical use, assessing feasibility and applicability for companion diagnostics
   • Application of model systems (in collaboration with the disease biology and in vivo pharmacology groups) beyond those routinely employed by discovery teams that aid in patient stratification/response and compound use, either        in-house or as a collaboration
   • Translational Development representation to the Development Project teams
   • Participate in formulating disease area strategy for target selection and validation
   • Evaluating, in conjunction with BD and the established teams, the potential in-licensing opportunities that may include potential therapeutics, emerging technologies, processes or capabilities that will enhance our Drug Discovery and Early Development efforts.
   • Being part of the team responsible for establishing key alliances with academic centers, co-operative groups and government agencies for cost effective implementation of  R & D and early development strategy


   • Track record in large and small companies, leading innovative efforts to deploy technologies and assays for enhanced translational capabilities
   • Excellent communication, managerial and scientific qualities are expected
   • Ability to interact effectively across boundaries using influencing and relationship building skills.
   • Competence in analysis and solving of problems, and the ability to prioritize and make tradeoffs to achieve goals.

Other Attributes:

   • A problem solver who creatively and knowledgeably transcends departmental function to act as a resource to entire research effort and senior managers in development.
   • Identifies issues early and proposes innovative solutions.
   • Communicates within the larger organization and external community.
   • Provides expert guidance to multi-disciplinary teams and senior management.
   • A leader whose scope of influence stretches across.
   • A leader who influences external scientific community.

Requirements & Education:

   • MD, DO or PhD
   • 10 years industry experience